Limo conversion help needed!


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I bought a limo project and have a little work to do, and need some advice and options...It is a 98 cart, it has already been stretched, and the frame is solid and ready to go, Ill post some pics as soon as I get it home tonight...

Whats the best way to move the F/R switch to the front seat?

Where can i find a full roof, and also the front seat pod? I have seen someone make one out of another rear body panel, and it looked great...I have an extra body panel and may go this route, I'll just have to add som emetal underneath to support the did come with an extra seat bottom and back, and an old bracket off of an work horse? or something that has the proper seat mounting bracket, so i should be good there, but I would like to see what my other options are if there are any...Thanks


For the F&R switch you'll have to mount the switch under the front seat and make longer cables.

Your best bet for the front seat pod and roof is to find them local. Shipping is a killer on the big items. EZGO sells the roofs and pods. You can check the dealer locater on the EZGO website. I know theres a couple of cart dealers that are members here. Maybe one of them can set you up with the parts you need...