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What is the best/cheapest way to hook-up 12volt stuff? 12 volt battery, or is there a way to do it with the 6 volt set-up?

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You can tap into two of the cart batteries for 12 volts. In my opinion the best way is a separate 12 volt battery.
I agree with HR... If you are gonna do different things with your cart just make sure that you use different packs! I guess is what im saying is that you don't need anything special but just make sure that you don't tap into the same 12v pack.


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I use an Advance Auto ATCU13 LAWN & GARDEN TRACTOR BATTERY for the lights on my cart. I mounted it in the bagwell. It cost me $38.50 total. When I charge my cart I put a 12 volt trickle charger on it.


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I'll go against the grain here. IMO, unless you are running an amplified stereo for hours on end, I would just use 2 of the pack batteries.

My 1998 cart has used 2 of the batteries in the pack for a 12v connection since it was new. I have headlights, tail lights, horn, signals, cigar lighter and 12v accessory plug. My batteries were 2004's until a few weeks ago when I upgraded to a 48v system and changed the 6v batteries to 8v. The batteries were all even, came up to 6.4v each, load tested fine and would easily do 36 holes plus additional driving. I expect they would have gone at least a couple of more years.