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First off, hello all.
As many others have done, (yes, i did a search) I just bought a 99 ezgo txt. I'll be adding a lift kit, flip down rear seat.
My questions start:
I seem to have a solenoid issue. AND thinking shortly down the road, I'll be adding the lift kit, is there a different or upgraded solenoid that I would need to get? THere were no identifying markings, SN or anything else on it. Also, my cart only seems to have one solenoid, that i found. Is this right?
I'll leave it there for now because this will be an ongoing saga of modding this cart.

I'll basically be using for around the neighborhood(98%) with the kids and some at my hunting club.
Appreciate everyones help.


Welcome to the forum.

Yes your cart has one solenoid. I usually replace the stock solenoid with a White Rodgers 586 whenever I install a lift. Most online golf cart places carry them. Check with RadicalGolfCarts.


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Would slow start speeds be likely due to a solenoid or bad batts? It hesitates and clicks when starting out but is fine at high speeds and in reverse.

A buddy told me solenoid and the local golf cart guy says it sounds more like a batt. issue. They are 05 batteries. I put them on a tester and they all read 6v. But they are inline batts, so must be dead batteries? right?


You need to check the battery voltage with a digital volt meter. Charge them and let the cart sit a hour and check each battery. Then ride the cart for a hour or so of actual runtime and check them again and post your numbers. Make sure ALL your cables and connections are clean and tight