lifting 1996 36vt


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i have a 1996 yamaha mod- g169 36 volt power is 1.9kw . ive had about 2 years its in great condition and im thinking about potting a lift kit on it my question is will I have enough power with 36 volt system and what would be the largest kit ,tires , ect. recommend , I m new to the cart lifting and the more I read the more im concerned that I might need a cart with more power. the only hill on my property is a ditch bank, all my roads are flat if that makes a difference on lift kits . thanks in advance for any advice.


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Yamaha 36 volt controllers are weak. If it's a 2seater on flat ground, you'll be fine.
4 seater or hills will require a controller upgrade.


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I'm not trying to hijack this post, but what kind of upgrade are you talking about ? I just got an electric G1 of my own. I was looking to make it an offroad vehicle as well. Where would I find a new controller