Lifted Golf Cart Sways In Turns


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I have a 98' Yamaha g16 gas golf cart. It has a 6" Jakes lift kit with 22" tires. I have found that since I lifted it the cart sways alot in turns. What can I do to fix this issue?



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Sway as in body roll or does the cart dart when you turn? What type of lift? Spindle or a-arm?
Does the cart have a rear seat?


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Sorry for the delay in responding, the cart rolls in turns. I hahve e 6" jakes lift kit with 22" tires and it does have a rear seat. I think that I can solve some of the roll by adding wheel spacers and maybe changing shocks? I have even considered adding to the suspension? Also, it is very light in the front...any ideas?


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Have you upgraded the rear springs? If not, this may be some of your problem. The combination of the lift and the weight of the rear seat causes the front end to be light which equals understeer/push and darting while turning.


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I have found that when I do a lift, it really helps to upgrade the rear springs to a four leaf if availible for your cart. I do mostly ezgo, and I use the 4 leaf hd and this takes the sway almost out. I have had to change the front spring on club cars, only on the ones where more clearance is needed for the tires I put on the lift. You did not mention what type of tire you used, I have better luck with the more popular off road treads, as they have a stronger side wall than the older knobby type we all started out with. My preferred tire tread, is the desert trail, it seems to give me all I expect, looks and pulls well, and you have the feel of control. The knobby treads always seem to feel squiggly and not stable.