Lifted Golf Cart Flipped

My wife's friend wanted to drive my lifted 2007 Club Car golf cart. I told her it was not a regular golf cart that with it being lifted and bigger tires that it would flip if she did not drive one before. Well she was driving fine until she looked over to my wife and turned the wheel also then we flipped. My wife had 6 stitches in her head, a broken collar bone, my son has road rash a broken collar bone, fracture acl, my daughter and her friend both have road rash, and the driver has a broken nose, and cheek, and 20 stitches in her foot, and to top it off I had to lift the cart off of her. I have a bruised arm and a tiny scratch, a lesson learned, be safe.....


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There was member on this forum, if I remember correctly, with an extremely lifted cart that tipped with his friend on it . I think he almost got sued so Id say you got lucky this time. Im glad it wasnt worse.