Lifted Club Car, 440cc engine (incomplete project)


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For sales is an 89 Club Car with the Following:

Brand new 6" lift kit
Brand new off road rims and tires
New Momo style steering wheel
Bumper mounted light bar
KC lights (not connected)
440 Electric start fan cooled 2-stroke engine (I think its a polaris)
Original club car motor

Need to find fender flares and diamond plate skid plate. In storage somewhere so I need to dig them out!

$2800 obo


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It looks nice, but you have to tell people where it is located. I take it that it is not running. How much is done? Is the 440 mounted in the cart?


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Thanks for the heads up;
Cart in in the LA area (so Cal)
The engine in mounted, just not hooked up, it started when we had it on an IV bottle, it was an old snow mobile engine.
The Lift Kit is brand new with brand new shocks.
Rims and tires are brand new.


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I just lost interest in the project, I got back into racing motorcycles and most of my garage time is consumed by the bikes. I'll post pics of under seat tomorrow.