Lift Kit Question


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Hello all,we just bought a 05' club car precident 48V with a flip-over rear seat and i want to put in a small lift kit and change the tires. My use for the cart is for around the campground and to go fishing,sight-seeing so i thought a 4" lift-kit would do the trick however here are my questions=

1- Wich kit should i buy?
2- Wich wheels/tires should i buy?
3- Am i better off buying from the USA than Canada?
4- I am a master carpenter with limited mechanical skills however i do have all the tools,is this project beyond my abilities?

Thanks in advance for all your opinions!!!

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You can't go wrong with either a Allsports or Jakes lift. What type of lift, tires and wheels will depend on what you plan on using the cart for and how much money you're looking to spend.