lift kit for gxt 804


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Does anyone have any ideas on how to build a lift kit for a gxt 804??? I am assuming that all I need to do is fab up some spacers( I only want about a 3-4 inch lift ). Aftermarket suppliers don't seem to have many parts for my cart, but I have been told that many ezgo marathon parts will bolt up.


For the front you could make blocks and place them between the axle and the spring. If the spring pads are mounted on the bottom of the axle you'll have to move them to the top of the front axle.

You'll need either longer shocks or shock extenders. Or you'll have to do a little fab work on the shock brackets front and rear.

Does the rear have coil or leaf springs?

A Marathon lift will work fine on your cart also...


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The rear has coils. I'm thinking that I can grind the welds on the stock location of the spring cups mounted to the frame and the weld spacers between them and the frame.


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Just get a pipe with the same inside dia. as your spring so it will fit over the lower spring peg. Cut two of these the same length as you want your lift to be. Next get a pipe that will fit inside your first pipe and into the coil spring. Cut two of these so they will fit into your first pipe and extend above it. Your spring will ride on the first pipe and the second one will index it. A very easy rear lift. No welding. No drilling.
Then take your rear shocks to your local auto parts and tell them you want some with the same ends but longer by the length of your lift.