Lift Kit for EZGO Medalist


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Hello I am new to the forum and was wondering if some one could help me out with a softer and better ride?

1st off I have a 84 1/2 Gas Ezgo Medalist with 3 bolt steering column.
2nd I installed a Jakes 6 inch spindle lift kit last spring and have plenty of clearence.

My question
What do I do to get a smoother ride?
Change the lift to a long travel or can you upgrade the shocks?
I do alot of off roading but nothing real harsh and get bounced around to much.

By the way I am not interested in widening the wheel base.


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Welcome to Cartaholics :hattip:
I think you have a 94 1/2. The only way to soften the current ride set up is air pressure. Try 8-10 psi. :twocents:
The only other way would be an long travel lift kit.


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There's not a long travel lift on the market that doesn't widen the wheelbase.
The LT's are the widest. Usually 11+ inches wider than stock. All Sports Long Travel lift is 4" over stock, about the same as a standard lift kit.


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Ok now I think I am starting to understand any lift kit will widen your cart but All Sport widens your cart the least amount over the other manufactures.

If widening was not an issue what would be the best lift kit for the buck?


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Its a coin toss between All Sports and the Strech lift kit. The stretch is only 8" wider..

It also depends where you live.. The Strech lift kits will come from cali and the All Sports will come florida