Lift Kit for a 95 EZ-GO

I Just started installing the lift kit for my 95 EZ-GO, great kit, it is inexpensive not cheap. The cost was 81.00 from Amazon. The front is on but I found that the thrust washer was broken in about 4 pieces so I had to order new ones, name on the box is Anybody deal with them before, like I said I really like the kit, everything is heavy duty, powder coated, and fit great. It is a 6 inch kit with the bent axle so you use your old spindles.
Ok I have come across a problem, the rear axle has a aluminum bracket that goes over the axle it is a isolator, most if not all the show's on u-tube don't have them. Was this an extra ?? I like a damn fool cut it off and now don't have a place to mount the rear bracket as there is no plate welded to the axle and had to order a new one so am at a standstill. Anybody else have these on the rear axel of their cart and if so do you mount the riser to it or weld a plate to the axel. No the kits fault, mine !!!
OK, I got one side finished, easy after I figured it out. I had to take the casting lines off the isomount so it would fit inside the lifting bracket and as the holes did not align I used a drill one size larger then stock. I did what everybody says not to, I had both side down at once but that could not be helped. I also ground down the locating stud, not a lot but just enough to let the lifting bracket slide over but plenty to keep it aligned. With the isomount inside the lifting bracket there is no room for fingers to hold the nuts, so I used a flat screwdriver with heavy grease to hold the nut and turned the bolt until it caught, works most of the time....So now I sit here waiting for parts, its hell when you live in the bottom of a canyon and they half to pipe in sunshine.:whistling:
The lifting kit is installed, with the isomount on the axle it was a lot harder them necessary, most of the holes did not line up, didn't take much but had to be redrilled, now just waiting for the tires and rims. took it for a short ride last night and the lights I put on it worked great
Tires arrived today and were installed, I guess I got carried away with wide tires and if I turn to far to the left the tire locks up on the spring. I don't want the cart to be any wider then it is so spacers are out of the question, as it is it just fits inside the wheel wells of the truck. I am thinking about making some sort of stop to catch it before it hits the spring, just not sure what.
I looked at the axle and found that the bracket that the tie rod hooks to has a bolt that lines up with the front axel, if I replace it with a longer bolt it should give me the stop I am looking for. I may need to weld a small plate on the axel to engage it fully but time will tell.
Not sure just what happened but it just quit. I have been running it up and down the street, going to the neighbors house and last night it sounded like it ran out of gas, if I choked it it would run for a second and then quit again, new fuel lines, not plugged, screw clamps on all fittings, new fuel filter. Checked the valves, set right, there is fuel to the carb or at least in the fuel line to the carb. wonder if the float is stuck closed. I will pick up some starting fluid in the morning, if it runs on that then its the carb......
Yes it is plugged, I removed the fuel line and could not blow through it in any position, at this time it is in the parts cleaner soaking, then spayed with carb cleaner and then blown out with air. The needle was stuck in the seat, stopping the fuel from entering the carb. I have cleaned this carb once already but used the old needle, it is a rubber tipped, maybe the rubber is shot. I am going to look around to see if some one sells kits for these carbs.
OK, I thought that after soaking I would be able to remove the main jet, but it is still no go. I can blow through it ok but would like to remove to see if something is blocking it or moving around in there.