Let's see some collector cars....I know the are out there.


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My buggy is an original Meyers Manx, built in the mid sixties. Bruce Meyers built the Meyers Manx which was the first fiberglass dune buggy. Nearly every fiberglass buggy that isn't a Meyers Manx, is a copy made from using an original Manx body as a mold , wholly or in part. Original Manx Buggies do bring a premium.
I have been offered $18,000 for mine and turned it down. I built the buggy when I was 15 years old and I'm 61 now. I couldn't get rid of it.
Bruce Meyers is 94 years young and still building dune buggy bodies in Valley Center, CA.. I know Bruce very well, he is a pleasure to converse with and has tons of stories.


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Original Manx would bring premium. Seen him on Full Custom Garage awhile back. He seems to be doing very well for his age:thumbsup::hattip: