Lestermatic 42 volt charger


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I just purchased a 42 volt Western (E-Z-GO) cart with one year old Trojan Batteries and new cables.

It came with a Lestermatic charger with a timer.

My former cart was 36 volt and the charger was completely automatic. You just plug it in and it shuts down when the batteries are fujlly charged.

The instructions on the lestermatic 42 volt say set the timer to 7 hours is moderately discharged and 12 hours if heavily discharged.
It also indicates the beginning amperage will varry depending on state of charge, but should be down to 1-4 amps when fully charged.

How do I determine the timer setting?

What assures the batteries will not be over charged?

Can such a charger be modified to fully automatic?

Are there fully automatic 42 volt chargers available? If so do any of you know an approximate cost?

If I have to replace the charger, is there any disadvantage to putting an onboard charger on the cart?



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I have a fully automatic Lester charger and it fully charges my batteries in 6-10 hours depending on the state of charge.
I think yours can be modified from a manual timer with an electronic timer kit.
I think it might be part #14385S 1 ELECTRONIC TIMER ASSEMBLY (RELAY-04484S)
You will need your model number, then call George at Lester (402) 477-8988, he knows exactly what is required.
Lester is an old style ferro-resonant charger that tends to overcharge as all old style chargers do.
If the costs from Lester are too great for your liking there is a 42v, 3 stage smart charger that is priced around $300 from Schauer that I would highly recommend and it only weighs 12 lbs. It could be used as an on-board charger if you could find the room for it.


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Thanks Doug

I just heard back from George at Lester.
You were right about the kit and it's part number.
The cost is $102.
I plan to order it on the theory that it should minimize the potential of overcharging and shortening the battery life.

I especially like the idea of an onboard charger but, as you mentioned, room is at a premium with a 7th battery in place.

If anyone has done this with a Western Elegant 42 volt I would love to see somp pictures.