Lester Retrofit timer #09664S 97 CC series


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I have a question. I'm working on a friends 97 Club Car who installed 4 12 volt batteries. I know...I told him not to but he dosen't listen to anyone.
Now after a few weeks for some reason it's not charging. His charger works on two other CC's (98 and 99) OBC tested bad so I heard about this retrofit timer from lester # 09664S Also heard it had good instructions on how to install and disable the OBC (or remove the OBC). I ordered it. I now have the timer in the 17930 charger. (followed the instructions exactly)
There is nothing in the paperwork telling me what to do with the OBC. The cart does run FWD and REV. Charger still not working....sense lead disconnected in charger...
Voltage readings: All 4 batteries read 46.2v. At the DC plug on the cart it reads 34.3v. Don't seem right. Connect the DC cord set to the cart and test where POS and NEG DC connect in the charger... (NEG on the ammeter and POS at the center post of the diode set)....I read 7.0 volts. (even more confusing)
Disconnect the timer P/N and I get 34.3 volts inside the charger at those points.
Am I getting the 34.3 volts at the cart DC plug, because the OBC is not disabled??
Can anyone help??

Thank you,
Tom Howell Mi.


Not sure if this is what you already did but have a look. This should work for you


If that doesn't work try this:

To bypass the OBC run a wire from the yellow wire on the solenoid to the ground on #6 battery (# 4 battery with the 4 12 volt setup)


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Charger is working. The 09664S timer ran the charger for about 9 hours. The last 3 hours it equilized the batteries at about 59 volts.
(The timer comes with installation instructions whick are easy to understand....MAKE SURE YOU CHECK AND RECHECK YOUR CONNECTIONS!)

To bypass the OBC is a simple task. Disconnect the batteries. Discharge the controller capacitors by turning the keyswitch on, F/R sw to reverse and depress the accelerator pedal until the reverse buzzer dissipates.

Attach a 14 ga wire to the negitive side (small terminal w/ yellow wire) of the solenoid....connect the other end to 48v neg or battery #6 neg. (in the case of 4/12v batteries...#4 neg terminal)
Next disconnect the neg. black 10 ga wire, after the link fuse on the charger receptecal....terminate this wire. I tapped the end and folded the wire and tie wrapped it. Connect another 10ga wire from the receptecal fuse to battery neg (48v) and your done.
This is only a optional fix but if you think about it, with this timer, you can use the charger on any 48 volt cart.
Hope this helps...
TJW Howell Mi.