Legend Golf Cart 3-Wheeler Identification Help

L Baker

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Howdy from Tx.

I picked up a 3-wheeler Legend golf cart by E-Z Go and need help identifying what year the golf cart is and some guidance on whether it is worth trying to restore it.

Identification tag:
Model x440-5ge
Serial 1154x1612
MFG 2115-1612



There's not a lot of dating information on Legend Golf Carts. Here's some Legend history from Vintage Golf Carts. They ask people to contact them if they own a Legend as they are trying to get information on them.

Legend golf carts were first produced by Eagle Vehicles, Inc. of Dallas, Texas which first made industrial vehicles. In 1979 they introduced the Legend golf cart in a three wheel model EV3-01 and four wheel model EV4-01. The EV standing for Eagle Vehicle. This golf cart looked very similar in styling to the E-Z-GOs. It used the electrics, steering and suspension from an E-Z-GO and the Terrill differential and 16 external spline motor that the Pargo golf cart had used. Around 1982 they sold the Legend golf car division to Ross Products, Inc. of Boca Raton, Florida who renamed the models the RV-01 and RV-02. It's believed they ceased production in the mid to late 1980s