left charger pluged in, now dead


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So I read here that it's OK to leave the charger plugged in over the winter, so I did for about 65 days. Then I unplugged it and left alone for a couple of weeks. Never tried to move the cart. Replugged the charger in and nothing, from the charger, no needle moving, nothing. I have not even looked at anything because I'm a real novice on this cart. Where do I go first and what may have went wrong? When I parked it to store the charger worked fine and so did the cart. It has new batteries last spring:headbang2:


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Try to drive the cart. If it moves, drive it a while then reconnect charger. It should come on for just a minute, automatically cut off and start back up and the needle will move. If batteries are fully charged the charger will not come back on, you must put a drain on the batteries so when charger is plugged back up it reads a drop in the batteries and comes on. If it does not, you need to check voltage on the batteries. Let us know what you find.


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I don't think the charger comes back on automatically so your batteries may be stone dead.
Did you put the cart in the tow mode before you left it for the winter?
Did you put the cart in the run mode when you tried to run it?
Check your battery voltages and post up the numbers, if your voltages are too low the charger won't activate.