largest tires without a lift kit


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Can anyone tell me where I can find information regarding largest tires for my G14A without a lift kit ? I see guys advertising offset studs 2.5" to move the tires out, BUT NO pictures of what that looks like. I'd like to see close up pictures of offsets, wheels, clearance without adding a lift kit. I see GREAT pictures of finished carts but NO details of what was used to get the cart to look like that ? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kelvin for what it is worth the dealer told us 20" on our 2007 EZGO. I was looking at some 20-10x8 at Tractor Supply the other day and when looking at the cart I think we would have to have the spaces to do that on the rear. Clearly that would move the tire out from under the fender some.


Like Gale Hawkins you should be able to run 20" tall tires without rubbing as long as your springs are in good shape.