Kohler Motor Help


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Hello everyone I recently purchased a older model cushman golf cart I'm guessing a early 70's model. I haven't run the serial to verify yet. It has the 10hp kohler motor. I was told that it was running when it was parked but that was a couple years ago. So I've been trying to get it going again and have run into a little trouble.

Right now it will only run with the choke on. You can play with the choke and keep it running prettty good. Push the choke off and it falls on its face and dies almost immediatly. With the choke on it fires right up but doesn't rev all the way out and doesn't pull very good. This cart has the neutral so that helps a little when working on it.

I've removed gas tank and cleaned it, removed all the fuel lines and replaced them with clear fuel lines and cleaned the carb. Along with replacing the spark plug.

I've noticed right past the manual fuel pump there is alot of air getting into the line somehow??? Its not comming thru the line from the tank. Theres about a 6 inch line from the pump to the carb and I can see alot of air bubbling inside it. The lines not loose so I guess something is up inside the pump but I dont know much about these things so could something in there be causing this? Motor sounds like its in good shape I believe its just something minor to get it lined out but it sure it being a headache.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.