Key Switch


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I have a 96 gas club car. Want to install a radio, but would like to have it come on only when the 'key is on. The back of the key switch has 4 terminals. The middle one seems to be 12volt lead from the battery. The one above and below have 12volt with the key in the on or off position. (no help) the last pole never has 12 volts.

Am I getting incorrect readings or is there no switch hot lead?

If there is no available pole to connect to on this switch is there an aftermarket switch that will provide me with the necessary connection?



Does one of the terminals on the switch have a yellow and blue wire connected to it? If so that terminal should have 12 volts only when the key is on. The switch should be marked with a 1 by this terminal


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There is one of the terminals that has two wires attached. The other three are single wire connections. I will check that out this weekend. Thanks for the input.