key switch or toggle switch


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I have a 96 CC 48 volt and i am putting a 500 amp alltrax and a high torque motor in it. I already have a H.D. solenoid, #2 gauge welding cable, H.D. forward and reverse switch and am wondering if i can use a toggle switch instead of a key switch? The reason i am doing this is because i have a carbon fiber dash and am putting in carbon fiber flip switch covers and want everything to look like that.


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a couple of questions I need answers for...What amps pass the the ign. switch and can you use a switch that is only rated for 12 v.? Also i have a switch that is rated for 36/48 volts but only 15 amp, can this be used? Thanks


I'm not sure how many amps go through the switch but it can't be many as small as the contacts and terminals are. Maybe another member can give you a more definite answer.


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I'm guessing here I would think no more than 1 maybe 2 amps. And as long as your foot is not on the pedal, when you switch it on maybe even less. The solenoid will pull the most so measure the restance and then divide 48 volts by the resistance and you will get the current.