Just to say Hello


Hello Car53whereRU, and welcome to the forums...


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Welcome Car 53, They have told me pictures of carts are apprecaited.
I think you'll like it here. Everyone seems very friendly and helpful.


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Thanks for the welcome everyone...I hope to add photos soon. I tried to load my avatar last night but had some problems and was a little pressed for time. Maybe I can get to it later tonight. But for now....


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Come on CCM, how many lifted patrol cars have you seen in your life? lol
Come to think of it, that would be unique.


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When you start getting into the mountain towns you see alot of lifted police trucks/suvs to travel the trails and the back country.


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Thanks Rooster... I would like to use the photo above for my avatar but so far have not been able to get it to work... maybe it is to large to re-size. I have been here most of tonight posting my latest projects but had to break it down into three posts to get all of the photos on. Hopefully this is OK... If you have any ideas on the avatar please let me know..

As to the light bar issue I kind of like the "slick top" look and the light bar may be a little overkill for what I do with the cart. It does however light up fairly well with the two LEDs top right of the windshield and the two at the rear. If you look at the post I added tonight you will see that I replaced the strobes with LEDs to reduce the electrical load.

A small lift may come later so that I can install larger tires and wheels to give me a little more speed. However since most of my running is on fairly flat ground at mostly low speeds that is not a priority right now. With what I have spent in just the past month I think that a lift may have to wait.

Thanks for the comments and welcome messages...Wayne (car 53)