Just Right and for less money


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I just picked up 2 golf carts cheap. The white car is a Club Car IQ but the gray Club Car is just a REGEN.


Two nice looking carts! I really like the wheels on the cart in the 1st pic.


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Thanks HRC...... I'm still debating which wheels I will put on the newest one, the white one.

Currently, I have them decked out with trailer hitches, heavy duty rear leaf springs & windshields. I will be putting a light kit and voltage regulator on the white one also with brake lights and turn signals. Whenever I think about it next I'm going to have the controller programed to the 4th or fastest speed for 19.7 miles per hour.

The white car is an IQ but the gray car is just a REGEN.

Golf Carting is just a way of life for this 55 year old!


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2 Carts, NO WAITING!!! What a concept! I'm jealous!

I am toying with the idea of buying a second cart to refurb and sell. Just gotta find the time and money, that's all.


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Finally got the necessary upgrades done on the White car....... See what ya think now.

Since the last photos, I have added a Windshield, 5 payne rear view mirror, Head & tail lights, brake lights, turn signals, horn, High & Low beam headlights, Kenda Pro Tour Tires and ITP wheels. I'm happy now.