Just joined, many ?s,


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Good a.m. everyone, I just joined last night; found you on google and now starts the questions......

Am I in the correct forum for tech issues?

I have a C299, serial # 1156235. Is it in reality a 1999?

Is it serial?

Is it a TXT or what?

The horizontal, state-of-charge gauge does not light; what could be wrong?

This cart (or car) is an EZ Go, set up for RV park and neighborhood use here at home. I have had it less than 24 hours--the dealer switched with me for this car(t) which is supposedly title-able????? No title until Monday?

Why would the original (1994 same thing, but with 6-year-old Trojan 105s) have been "untitleable"????

My wife is handicapped and plan on getting a handicapped plate/license for street use.


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Here I am, again, answering my own post. The state-of-charge gauge does work. The switch must be on, cart must be in gear, and accelerator pressed. :)

Also I now have US 2200 batteries with a "K 5" stamped on the pos terminal. 2005?

The car is sort of an off-white; where do I get touchup paint?
Welcome to the forum. You might check with the sponsors of the site, or there is always Ebay or a local cart dealer. Depending on how far you want to go with it, you can pull off a small painted panel and take it to an automotive paint shop and they can scan it and match the paint pretty close. As for me, I painted mine with good ole Rustolium rattle can because my carts stay dirty and get scratched from use around the farm. Hope this helps.


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Thanks for the welcome, Phantom Phixer.....
and the advice......I got some beige appliance touchup paint....it comes close.

I think I'll ask the dealer what they used; they covered up a coupla awful scratches pretty well.

So, what do you make of the dealer switching and giving me 5 years newer and promising titleable? I suspect the last one was stolen.


Welcome to the forum Kistler...

It sounds like you made out good on the swap. Does the cart they gave you have head lights, brake lights and turn signals?


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HI HotRod, No turn signals but has headlights (ambers on each end of a bar of two lights) brakelights/tail lights..

Hi Kistler, in this day and age anything is possible , just watch it close and and make sure you have a paper trail to prove you bought it and where. Good luck.