Just bought a 1999 Electric Club Car and need help


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Hello, I just purchased a 1999 Club Car that is in great shape. It has been sitting for about 2 years and here is my question. The charger that came with it is a club car 48v charger and there are 6 6volt batteries in the cart. These batteries are batteries that look like where designed for a back up for a telecom situation. Obviuosly my charger and my batteries don't match up. My question is this, how can I tell if the cart is wired for a 48v system?

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I'm not a CC guy but I would guess this is a 48v cart. Someone can correct me here but I thought all Club Cars from 1995 up were 48v.
I would also think if the charger receptacle on the cart matches the charger plug it is 48V.
Check the motor rating plate, the controller tag, state of charge meter and the solenoid for voltage tags, one of them should give you a clue.
Post up any numbers you have and maybe we can figure it out.


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TJ, one way you can tell if your cart is a 36v or 48v is by the charger receptacle. A 36v charger is a 2 blade receptacle and a 48v is a 3 prong. The 36v receptacle is square shaped and the 48v is round. CC made 36v up until 2000.5 if I remember right. Hope this helps.


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The charging receptical way can work in somecases. But sometimes the two prong receptical can be used on 48 v. For example, I converted my '92 up to 48v, and wired it so it can charge via two prong plug. I just purchased a two prong 48 v charger from Lestronic. Here is the tried and true way to tell... Open up the vent caps from the batteries like you are going to fill them. If they have 3 holes each, that is a 36v bank. If it is 4 holes each, that is a 48v bank.
How to tell if it is wired for 36 or 48? There are a few ways... First, look at the motor, if the sticker is still readable. It should tell you the specs of the motor, which should say whether it takes 36 or 48 volts. Occasionaly, you will find a motor that takes 36 to 48 volts (which are great if you upgrade from 36v, because you don't have to change the motor) but anyhow, if it was the 36~48v motor, that won't tell you much. Here's another way... Does it have accessories? If so, trace the wires from the accessories and see if they are made to go right into the battery bank, or if they go through a voltage reducer box. If they go right into the batteries, it's wired for 36v. If it is wired to go through a voltage reducer box, it's wired 48v.
Let me know if this helps. If not, check the solenoid. There will be a little diode on the small wires, and a larger resistor on the larger wires. If any numbers on the diode and resistor are still readable, let me know what they are, I can ID the wireing that way too.
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8 volt batteries can look like 6 volt. How many water fill caps does each battery have? The standard rule is 1 cap = 2 volts. Therefore 3 caps = 6 volt, 4 caps = 8 volt.

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If I am not mistaken the 36v cart's forward/reverse switch has only one limit switch attached with blue and yellow wire, whilst the 48v has 3 limit switches. The 36v has in addition a resistor board attached to the chassis in front of the axle on passenger side, the 48v does not. Hope it all helps


To tell if you have 36 or 48 is only by the Batteries no matter what the cart should be. A 36 volt motor can be ran on 48 volts with no problem. If a prevouis owner upgraded a 36 volt cart to 48 volts doesn't mean nothing except it's 48 now instead of 36. The batteries decide the voltage of any cart. 3 water holes is 36 and 4 is 48.


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What if its a gel battery & u cant c the holes?

Yes thank you so much. the best & easiest way to tell is by the water holes in the battery 2 VOLTS PER HOLE.....


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He must have found out the answer and never reported back, kinda like asking for something and not saying thank you. My mother always taught me to mind my manners.