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ok got an 2009 ezgo ST it had a dump bed on it and had the dealer swap it out for the rear foldown seat. lots of the carts I have seen look to have the indention where golf bags use to go. Mind does not. the question I have is there a different back body style for this or can this be cut and the campartment be inserted in its place. (may want to put a set of speakers there.
also I happen to run across a fella from Florida and (Not sure what kind of cart he had) but he had installed a floor shifter on his. he had removed the forward reverse lever from under the seat and made a bracket for the shifter. was cool as all get out , have any of you sen this and or is there a kit out there to convert this over.


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To me the 2009 ezgo ST looks like it has a cover over the bagwell. I'm not sure if it can be removed to mount sprakers. Mount them in the cover?

The shifter (shown here) is available for Club Car 82-04 DS Model I'm not sure if it made for other makes or models.

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