Jumping With a Golf Cart Not A Good Idea


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I learned something that some of you others have already experience. Jumping hills with a golf cart is not a good idea. I had my golf cart out last weekend at my grandparents and I was coming back from some trails and decieded just to floor it. Well this bump snuck up on me and I hit it putting me off the ground. When I hit I felt my whole back go numb for like 10 seconds.

For people that are getting their golf carts going faster need to be careful when it comes to jumping because these carts don't really soften to impact much.

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I had a friend do that once. Goin fast in the high grass and jumped like 8' in the air when he wasn't ready for it. When he came down, he was knocked out for a little while. He went to the hospital and was in their for a few days and had some serious back injuries.

That's a good reason to either stay out of the high grass or when you do go in the hihg grass, make sure your goin slow so you have time to stop yourself from gettin hurt.

Patrick L

Isn't that what people that have no common sense or any abilities do ?

I shouldn't say that because there are some that are [ or were ] good people productive people that did become politicians.


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It's kind of weird. It is better not to do it, so as not to harm yourself and others. Although when I played golf often saw such cases, so I am not particularly surprised. Often play? I recently bought myself the best putters for mid handicappers and now in any free time to play.


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That sometimes happens if U get the cart in front of the horse.