Jumping the gun here


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Ok so my 98 electric cc started acting up last fall at our camp ground my father in law starts messing with conections and this is were everything is all rusted up and breaks the connection at the motor to get it putted back to the camper and loaded and everything used vise grips but before that it started jerking and feels as if a belt is slipping, but at very low throttle you can get it to pull itself but if you floor it, it will not go at all and will vibrant very bad talked to my f in law tonight and told him I ordered some kroil to fix the connections and go from there and he is atiment (cant spell) that the motor is shot says when it acted up down there he could smell the clutch burning up, he does have a 89 cc electric and has fixed it numerous of times and I have no experience with them so I really dont have a argument yet but I need to find a service manual so I can figure out how this thing works