Jump a Club Car Power Drive Battery Charger


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I'm not sure what you are asking for? Do you want to connect a 48 volt charger in some other manner than normal plug in?
Please give cart year and model as well as charger brand and other info you have. Then the forum can help you.


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The batteries are dead it is a 2002 Club Car Power Drive 2 battery charger. I'm trying to jump the battery charger out to force feed batteries to get them to charge 48 volt.


Unplug the charger from the cart and the AC. Take the cover off. Looking at the front of the charger the relay is on the right. Jump the relay by connecting the top and bottom wires on the relay. Plug the charger into the cart then the AC and let it charge for 15-30 minutes with the relay jumped.


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Wouldn't it be safer to charge the batteries with a 12 volt charger enough to allow 48 volt charger to kick in?


In my opinion I think the golf cart battery charger would be safer. I never liked the idea of hooking a 12 volt charger to a 8 volt battery. Although a lot of people do without problems. :dazed:


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If you have two 12 volt chargers you can put them in series to get 24 volts and charge three 8 volt batteries at a time. I put mine in series by clamping the red clamp of one charger to the black clamp of the other, then being careful not to let the two clamps contact any conductors. The chargers were only 4 amps so it took several days to get the batteries from low 7 volt range up to 8.5 volts.