Jolt When Taking Off


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another new cart wannabe here. The cart i would like to buy is a 99 club car and it has 2 problems i think. firstly it starts up great and when you apply the accelerator it picks up the revs until the cart takes off....all normal so far. Whan it takes off it does so with a jolt and i wanted to know if this is normal (i have driven other gas carts and they dont seem to do this) and is there an adjustment that can be made to make the take off more smooth. It also does it in reverse. Secondly the owner said the governer has been taken off and so you have to keep your foot 3/4 down on the pedal otherwise it starts to break down at top speed like the rev limiter is kicking in. Again is there an easy fix to this problem ? The cart does seem to start and run well though.


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Also being a newbe I read some old post and found if you take the ground wire off the black box in the front of the engine block you won't have the rev limit.Tape the end up so it won't intermitenly short itself.Mine also has this clunk which
i am assuming is the rubber snubber at the center of the cart. The rear suspension all ties in at that point as a shock absorber I think? Chevy truck spring insulator's look like they will fit for mine, just haven't got that far yet. :cheers:


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What it sounds like to me is that the jolt is because of the drive clutch (front clutch) When they get old and worn out they will do that. As far as the governor being "removed" it was more than like just adjusted so that it wont idle down. The arm on the rearend just needs to be correctly adjusted so that it runs at the right rpm. Also, the engine running at high rpm's will also cause the clutch failure. Whatever you do don't unhook the rev. limiter. It is there for a reason, unless you don't mind eventually rebuilding an engine. :)


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Yes, the jolt is the drive clutch. It may just be filled with dirt and it is sticking. Or they put a power spring in it. Should be simple to clean it. You could try just blowing it out best you can with compressed air. Do not spray any wd40 in it. That will gather dirt. You can disconnect the limiter but would suggest a tach and keep it under 4400rpms. Believe me, once you reset the governor, you won't be happy with the speeds. As far as High rpms go. I run mine up to 5200 ALL the time and so far its good. Been doing it for over a year. I rebuilt the engine last year to bore it out and mill the head for more power. I also machined the clutches too. Running 31mph @ 5200rpms on a non lifted cart. I also change the oil 2x a year and use duralube with it for added protection. I have no problems with clutch wear or anything.