Jerky 1986 Electric Club Car


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I have a 1986 club car that is extremely jerky on take off.

I jacked it up and and noticed that all of the solenoids did not seem to be clicking when the slide went under the micro switches.

After this, I all but lost reverse. I hope I did not destroy the motor when I jacked it up

I replaced the switch slide and now all of the micro switches seem to be tripping the solenoids but the probelms have not been solved (jerky , no reverse).

I want to check the resistors and solenoids but I do not know what the ohm and voltage ratings should be.

Is there a trouble shooting guide for 1986 club cars on this forum?

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I did find the third solenoid was bad but i don't think that this is th ecoase of the problem.

Any thoughts?