jakes disc brakes


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we have done the unthinkable, we installed the disc brake system in our cart. after install we have no brakes so of corse we tempted to bleed them. anyone try this yet? i know the lines were pre charged but now the are not. so, we need to charge the lines again. any easy way to do this? or am i in for a long day? what is the reason for 2 bleeder screws? help removed the rear brakes already and we have noway of stopping now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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per charged lines
some calipers have two bleeders so they could be used on the left or right. the bleeder thats on top is the one to use, if you don't have a vacuum bleeder you will need to do it the old way. pump the pedal and hold down, loosen the bleeder t'il the pedal drops and close it, repeat until all the air is out of the line and caliper. start with the right rear then left rear, right front and then the left front, make sure the master cylinder never runs out of fluid.