I've Done Well Buying and Selling Golf Carts


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First off, I'm new to golf carts owner and am excited to have a project. I've done well buying and selling golf carts and wanted to share the experience that I have had in getting the cart that I now have and I think I've done well. It started about two months ago, I found a 1992 e-z-go for sale on craigslist for $950, I thought that was a good deal and the guy let me talk him down to $875 so I wound up buying it....sweet right? So about a month later, I decided on selling that same cart (without doing anything to it) for $1400....awesome! I used that money to buy a 1994 Club Car, decided that it wasnt what i wanted and sold it, I found a guy that had a 2003 yamaha g22 for $1300 so i bought that, when i got it home, I realized that it had been driven by kids and probably flipped at some point so i sold it to somebody for $1700......$400 profit!!! Turned around and found a 2004 Club Car DS on CL and they let me have it for $1650! it is pretty awesome and i have so much that i want to do with it.....and bottom line.....i bought it for only $875:) sorry for the long story but wanted to share...i posted the ics from oldest to newest





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Thats the way to do it :thumbsup: sounds like your havin' fun.


Would you like a job? You are welcome to come to work for me. I will let you do that kind of dealing all day long.


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My goal was to work until I could buy a brand new cart without adding any cash..... But I decided that I really like the latest cart a lot.... Rides really good:)