Is there an after market conversion kit to extend and convert the stock hitch on a 89 elec club car?


I have an 89 elec club car with basically a plate with 1/2 " Plus or minus hole in it . Is there a conversion that would allow for an insert that would then convert to a 1" or 2" receiver. I built a bed on mine and need to extend 6" to 8" beyond the present pin location. any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank You. :usa:


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We have 2 inch hitches and extensions. Are you talking about the formed aluminum piece under rear bumper? We don't make anything to fit that cause there's not enough strength in that piece. I've seen some hitches that bolt to that bracket and bolt through the angle iron crossmember. We used to make one for a dealer but that was years ago and I wouldn't sell them but to him.