Is there a beginners guide too the forum? Could use one. Thanks.


No there isn't. There's a help section but it doesn't go into a lot of details. If you have specific questions on anything ask here and someone will help you out.

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Some tips for beginners:

1. Check the resources section before posting, many wiring diagrams and service procedures are already documented here:

2. Try to identify the year, make, model, and drive type. This information is needed for troubleshooting. You are more likely to get a response if we don't have to ask if you have a series or regen golf cart. If you aren't sure share the serial number and post pictures of the mechanical parts.

3. Try to be informative but concise. Posts short on details or containing enough text to form a brief novel are unlikely to get a response. Try to limit irrelevant information and focus on the problem and what testing has been performed.

4. Don't forget the basics. What is battery voltage static AND under load? Is the solenoid clicking?

5. Use the search function to see if there are recent threads with similar issues. Check the date before replying to a 10 year old thread.

6. Read through the responses. If someone has suggested a particular test(s) that is relevant complete it, you might not get a response if it's just to tell you to do the same test already mentioned.

7. Don't be afraid to admit you don't understand or that something is over your head. I've seen plenty of people that spend double or more firing the parts cannon at their golf cart without success than what my bill for the actual repair was, or cause expensive damage by messing up a repair procedure. Sometimes the DIY route can be more expensive and it's better to just call a reputable shop.

Feel free to add to this list
Golf Cart Wizard, The tips you offer seem extremely clear, specific and helpful. Thank you very much for taking the time to respond. I especially appreciate your wise suggestion to be open about being over your head in trying to solve some problem. Always good. Thanks also Cartmaster for your helpful perspective and addition. Great to have such helpful suggestions. I will try to apply them in future posts. Aloha
On the 1981 Yamaha G1e Electric Golf Cart with the original Yamaha 36 volt motor (DC series wound) 2.7 HP, 2600 r/min motor:
1. What would be the expected motor current draw when used?
2. What would be the current draw of the resistor assembly?
If such information is available on the forum, please direct me too it. (I have not quite mastered the forum search function!)
It is very possible I have not asked the question correctly. Someone with more electrical knowledge than myself posed the question. We are working together to evaluate some possible modification to the battery power setup. Thanks.

Golf Cart Wizard

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9. If you have a question either look for a related thread or start a new one. Replying to a thread that is unrelated to the question you are asking will probably not get a helpful response ;)