Is a 1.5 Amp Trickle Charger Enough to Charge My Golf Cart


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Hey guys,

Dumb question. Is a 1.5 amp 36 Volt DC trickle charger enough to charge my golf cart? The charger in question is for a scooter. I just bought a new multi-use charger, so I shouldn't have any problems charging the batteries in my golf cart in the future, however, I have to do two at a time. I thought it would be good to get this trickle charger so, even if it takes a week to get it back up to full charge, it would be better than having to charge them individually.

So, would this technically work? I mean, be able to bring the batteries up to a full charge? Even if it took a week?


Todd, i don,t think that will work, from what I have read around on these forums you need a high amp charger to kick those batteries, in the butt, and get them moving. Do you know anyone that you could borrow a 36 volt EZGO battery charger from?


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I also don't think it will work. I would try and find a 36 volt battery charger even if its from a Club Car. All you need to do is change the cord and plug so it fits your cart.