Intro - Club Car XRT 900 Pioneer


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Intro: I'm a 26 yo man living in TN m/kids. I'm the 2nd shift supervisor of a conveyor manufacturing facility. I have my own side business doing steel fabrication and welding (I've been welding since I was 15). Now that's out of the way....

This is the only forum I found that seemed like my new toy would fit (if there's anywhere else better suited point me in the right direction). I'm assuming it's almost a golf cart? It's a club car xrt 900 pioneer. I know little to nothing about it so anything yall could tell me would be helpful. I made the winch mount and put it on there, took the carb apart and cleaned it out and changed the filters. I think it has a 350cc in it. It has 150 hrs on the clock. Anyone know what it's worth? Take a guess at what I gave for it?


Welcome to the forum.

Nice looking cart you have. As far as what it's worth I have no idea but I'm sure someone will give you some good info on it.