Intermittent problems with movement and brakes

V. Smith

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I have a 2013 48V EZGO cart with a pesky problem that the one and only local repair shop hasn't been able to fix. Every now and then it has intermittent problems with movement and brakes and will not accelerate or brake. If I'm on a flat surface then no movement means I'm just stuck. But when I'm on an incline the cart will roll and then I have no brakes. Both these problems are hand-in-hand. I can't use the cart for safety reasons as well as being-stranded reasons. The speed controller was replaced, but that wasn't the problem. The solenoid sounds OK, but I have no way to test it. No problems with the motor itself up to now.

I need to determine what the problem is and then ask the repair shop to fix. Not the way this should work, but I'm stuck with it. Would appreciate any comments and suggestions.
Thanks very much,
Valerie Smith
San Jose, CA

Patrick L

Unless I'm way out of line because your cart is newer than anyone I've worked on, It seems you 2 problems.
All the carts I've looked have cable operated mechanical brakes which are very simple. So I don't understand why you can't easily have the brakes fixed. How does the brake pedal feel or act when used ?

The second issue. I'm assuming the drivability issue is intermittent. What does do or how does it act ? When you step on the accellerator pedal can you hear the solenoid click every time ? We'll start there. Usually if they click they are good, but, a volt meter will tell for sure. When it won't move in forward, does it in reverse? When it won't move what noises do you hear if any other than the solenoid ?


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The breaking on your car is mounted on the back of the motor so these two issues can go hand-in-hand it is a known problem has been for a while you will probably need to pull the brake assembly and replace it

V. Smith

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Thank you for your ideas. Really appreciate the help. In response to Patrick's questions:
1. When I turn the key I always hear the solenoid. But then the cart will not move in R or F (and, as I said, this is intermittent). The other day I got it to move in R and I tried to brake. The brake pedal just went to the floor with no engagement at all. Both these problems go hand-in-hand.
I do not hear any unusual noises when this failure occurs. I asked the mechanic to replace the brake assembly to see if that takes care of these issues. Thanks again.
Val Smith

Patrick L

Oh Ok, sorry. I really don't know anything about the RXV. I guess they are an animal all to themselves and they have their issues. I've learned more about them by reading this.

I guess I'm gonna stick with the older stuff, that way we'll match.