Instead of modify the governor...


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With all the directions/ suggestions about how to make the Club Car faster, why do we have to modify the governor? Is it possible to just bypass the governor all together and run a cable straight from the black box on the driver's side directly to the carb? It seems like it would be easy and would eliminate the zip ties or other modifications. Maybe I'm too new to know better. Can someone comment on this?
( I have a 93 CC DS w/ the FE290)


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i guess you could, but in about 2 weeks you be posting asking where you can find a new engine because you just blew yours. it really just keeps you from running too many RPMs, if you bypassed the governer then drove around on full all the time like most people do it would be like redlining your car, its just not good.


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there was a sticky from Wass1967 how to do it. It explains it well and if you drive it with common sense youll be OK( a tach helps)


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thats what its all about, cars, trucks and snowmobiles never had governor's and ya sure can blow em up
get a tach and don't run over 3500/4K rpm's and yer good. if the engine is weak you'll be rebuildin' or replacin' in a short time, then ya can slide a v-twin in it