Installing Timing Advance Key on a Club Car FE290


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I am thinking of installing the timing advance key from CPP. Do I need to pull the engine for this? My golf cart is a 93 Club Car with fe290. What kind of improvements can I expect after the install? I know it wont add speed, but I was hoping for snappier throttle response.


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Sounds like a great question. I asked Tom from Cart Parts Plus about the install and all he would say is it comes with instructions. I'm surprised this question was asked a year ago and no response. However, there has been over 140 views, so some of us would like to know. :unsure:


The timing advance key can be installed without removing the engine from the golf cart.

First remove the blower housing.
Remove the flywheel nut.
Remove the flywheel - may require a puller.
Remove the stock key.
Install the new timing advance key with offset aiming toward the front of golf cart.
Install flywheel and hold counterclockwise against the advance timing key and hand tighten nut while holding the flywheel in place.
Torque flywheel nut to 60-65ft lbs while holding the flywheel against the advance timing key
Reinstall blower housing.


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I was looking at these timing advance keys for the FE290 in my Club Car. Do they make much difference in power with the timing advance key?