Installing Speed Gears


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I am installing the speed gears in my Club car rear end , somewhere I saw some instructions and pics on the best way to get into the Differential But I searched and couldn't find it anywhere, Could someone get me started?
Much appreciated .


I found this but the links to the pics were dead. I've never done a gear change in a Club Car so I'm not sure how accurate this is...

Step 1: On a pre 97 gas CC jack up the cart so the rear tires are off the ground and support the cart on both sides by frame rails by front leaf spring eyes, and let the transaxle down, remove the drivers side tire, undo and remove the pin that holds the brake cable to the rear brakes, remove the u-bolt that hold the axle tube to the spring, put a jack under the transaxle on the righthand side and raise it up some and remove the bolts that hold the axle tube to the trans and remove, their may be a shim between the axle tube and the differential bearing, don't loose it (don't forget to drain the lower trans lube first).
Step 2: Remove the 10mm bolts on the drivers side of the trans case, and carefully tap it off (there 2 dowl pins that alighn the cases) once the case is apart pull the upper and middle gear clusters, remove the bearings from the upper gear shaft and install them on the new gear shaft (I use a gear puller to remove the bearings they are not that tight on the shaft, than install the bearings on the new gear shaft, I use a socket about the same dia as the inner bearing race and drive them on with a hammer) on the middle gear cluster remove the bearing closes to the big gear than pull the big gear, install the new gear and bearing on the old shaft.
Step 3: reinstall the middle gear cluster than install the upper gear shaft than put the side cover back on with a gasket and sealer (you may have to make a new gasket if the original gasket ripped apart real bad) then follow steps 2 and 1 to put it back together (don't forget the shim, gasket and sealer for the axle tube, refill with oil.


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Thank you so much , I let you know how it goes


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I have not done this so I could not answer the original post, but when I got to the point of breaking the case, I would put a tire and rim, or just a rim on the right hand hub. Then you can use it as a base and work with the axle straight up and down.


Sundown, Wass just did this, you guys are buddies i'm sure he would get you going.