Installing audio amplifier


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I have a 2003 Electric Club Car with 6 batteries.
I am lloking for some help with installing an amplifier. I have installed several in vehicles but not sure if I am doing it correctly in a cart.

I ran the power red to the + side of one of the batteries and the ground wire to the - of a different battery, and ran my remote turn on(blue wire
) to the radio remote lead, and ran the RCAs to the amp from the radio.

Am I doing something wrong because I cant even get the power light to come on?


Ok your going to need either a 16 volt to 12 volt reducer, 48 volt to 12 volt reducer or a 12 volt battery to power the amp (12 volt battery recommended). Right now if your connected to two fully charged 8 volt batteries your at around 17 volts. That's not good for a 12 volt amp or any other accessories. Hopefully you haven't damaged the amp with the high voltage. I'd test the amp on a 12 volt battery and see if it's working. Take a volt meter and check form positive on one battery and negative to the second battery the amp is connected to and see what the voltage is. If the batteries you have the amp hooked to aren't connect to each other you may have put more that 16 volts through the amp.