Installing a Radio In a EZGO Dash


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I have a 2007 EZGO golf cart and I was thinking about installing a radio in the dash location and I noticed that there is a plate back there do you cut it out? Does anyone have step by step directions on how to install a radio in the dash?


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The plate that i think your talking about is very easy to remove. There are three plastic push rivets on the bottom of the plate, take a small phillips head screwdriver and push the center of the rivets in then pull the rivet out with needle nose pliers, and then you can take out the entire plate.


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You can remove the plastic plate in the back with a dremel. make sure u dont cut out the very bottom of it as that acts as support for the radio headset. You will also have to cut out a small portion ubove the plate for the radio bracket to fit. Its not too hard to do, hardest thing to me is getting the radio bracket mounted in securly. Ive actually started glueing them in as well as a few pop rivets. Remember you can always cut more, but once it is cut you cant put it back :thumbsup: