Installing a Fuse Box for Headlights and Radio In a Club Car


I'm thinking of installing a fuse box panel with 6 outlets in the glove box of my '02 Club Car gas golf cart. This is what I was thinking:
Mount the actual box to the back wall of the glove box, then run the POSITIVE wire to the + battery terminal. Then run a NEGATIVE wire to the - side of the battery terminal. Is this the acceptable way to do this? Will the battery still charge from the generator? I'm only thinking of using the power for headlights and a radio. The other 4 fuses will be for the future. Any advice would certainly be appreciated!


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That should be fine, you need to keep your wires as short as possible, long wires = resistance
then just hook up the radio the same as you would in your car, I would use a relay in the light circuit to take the load, the light switch would just turn the relay on and off.