Installed New Speed Switch On My Club Car Runs Faster In Reverse


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I have a 1984 36 volt electric Club Car golf cart. I bought it from a club member a few months ago. I installed new battery's and the cart runs fine on the level ground but very slow on even the slightest grade. Today I installed a new speed switch and the golf cart runs much faster in reverse after installing the it. The cart is very fast in reverse but actually slowed when in forward position. I'm sure the new switch is installed and wired correctly. I jacked the rear tires of the ground and depressed the acceleraror pedal I can hear all 5 micro switch's clicking in and can also hear all 5 solenoids clicking (although even with the wheels off the ground the speed doesn't seem to be there) When I repeat the process in reverse it seems that the tires are spinning much faster than when in the forward position. I can't believe that after installing a new speed swith I actually lost power in forward. Any I deas would be appreciated.