Installed New Controller Now Cart Wont Move


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Cart worked fine before I installed a new controller and started upgrading. 2002 Club Car DS 48v w/original MCOR. Installed heavy duty for/rev switch, worked fine. Installed heavy duty 200a solenoid, worked fine. Installed new 500a Curtis 1205M-5605 controller to replace the original 1204-410 model, and now cart wont move at all. Cart has a 5k-0 throttle style, which is throttle #2 on the 1205M, and was assured by the seller that the controller was set to that style. After testing volts at the controller and resistance at the micro-switch, the tech had me test the resistance on the MCOR and thinks its not sending the correct signal to the controller. Recommends me buying a new MCOR4. Does this sound legit? Just don't understand why the MCOR works fine with the old controller, but not the new. Any help would be appreciated.