install engine


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I just rebuilt my engine in a 1992ds . I removed the engine and was wondering what I need to know about reinstalling it (lining it up so the tranny will work corectly.


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For a 92 you will need the clutch alignment tool. Its cheap but the shipping down right SUCKS. Best to get some bling too with your order to make it worth it. LOL Not much to the install. The wires on the starter has a yellow one that has a plug in end on it. It goes to the oil sending unit. Black/white wire comes to the clutch side of the engine and hooks to the RPM limiter. You got the 2 throttle cables that are a pain to get hooked up. Mostly the exhaust side. You will want to have the starter and exhaust off just to make it easier.

The clutch tool slides on to the shaft of the tranny. Yes, the driven clutch must slide off. It then drops down on to the idler bearing of the drive clutch. Then you eye ball it for straightness and tighten engine down.