Inside the Motor A1 Connector Question

Josh McClure

New Member
Hey Guys,

I need some help on the connection inside the motor on the A1 terminal, Any idea how to get these wires connected to a new bolt? I am assuming for repair I need to cut and reattach to new but can someone provide some details for me? Also, best cleaner for inside the motor?



Glen Batchelor

Active Member
Like Diode said, new brushes, They come with 2 different size studs. I would replace all 4. One for the field coil (small) and one for the armature (large). A1/F1 A2/F2 for a total of 4 brushes. Most come in a pair as A/F so you'd need 2 sets.

I'd recommend soaking it all down with WD-40 to get as much of the dirt and old oil off as you can. Rinse it with deionized water and let it dry thoroughly. You can get by with store distilled water just don't soak it. Never use a strong solvent like brake cleaner as it can melt the enamel coating off the wire in the windings or crack it. The best stuff to use for oiling the bearings/bushings is Supco CE441 with the Zoom spout. Don't get any near the brushes or contact areas, though after you clean it all.