Thanks for posting the information on Indiana laws for street legal golf carts. When I first started reading the press release I was thinking that's good news, then I got to the last paragraph.

USA1 does make a good point. Why can a 15 year old ride a motorized bike on the street but a golf cart is a no go.


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I'm modifying a 1987 Club Car for client in Indiana - do I need a flashing red strobe, seat belts flashers and the whole nine yards? Head rests, I think when I'm done it may go the minimum speed limit - does Indiana have golf cart inspection stations? Can a golf cart be registered and licensed?


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I doubt the cart can be registered and licensed, the biggest holdback is the 17 digit VIN number and origin of manufacture statement.
Others with local Indiana knowledge may have more info.

Local laws may differ but generally all NEV's fall under the federal law, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 49 CFR Part 571.