Increase Speed on a 2008 Yamaha Electric Golf Cart


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Good morning, I recently bought a 2008 Yamaha electric 48 volt golf cart very clean cart just for golf and occasional neighborhood driving; However it's 3.2 miles to the golf course from my house and I would like to ride my own cart instead of the Country Club's slow, always breaking down, 3-4 year old carts. I don't want a lift kit or bigger tires (at some point I may go to an 18.5 inch tire from the 17 tire I have now) the tires are literally brand new. It's an 18 minute ride to the course by cart vs 12 minute ride by truck

Here's the big question after a week and a half of research and reading... What should I do to to increase speed for the drive to the course currently the cart tops out at 16MPH. I would like to hit that 23 to 25 MPH to keep up with some of the neighborhood traffic. I'm thinking speed controller, solenoid, and 2ga cables to start. Just not sure about pulling the trigger on a motor at this point, but if I must I will. Also I'm not sure as too the G designation of this cart is it a G22 or a G29 or a YDRE ect. all help will be to these basic questions will be gratly appreciated.

Any other suggestions will be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance.


To get the top speed you're looking for I'd say you'll need a different motor and possibly a controller also. Welcome to the forum.