In need of some help...


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I have a 92 Club car 36V resistor cart that I have done a 4" Z-lift, 22 in. tires, All new Excide GC110's new solenoid and rebuilt motor(brushes,bearings, & springs). All connections are good, tight, and clean. I fully know that a resistor cart is not the best for efficiency but the pedal is usually 100% to the floor
. Even after a full charge it picks up decent speed on flat ground. We have a private lane that has an approx. 10 % grade that is about 50 ft. long. I am not a huge guy(215 lbs.) and with me on it It wants to barely "crawl" up the hill. Seriously, I could power walk past it. What gives??


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how many solenoids? if there are 5 you need to make sure all 5 are could have one or 2 bad ones that arn,t working and you,ll notice that when going up hill........... you could have 1st 2nd and 3rd speed but lacking 4th so lets start by knowing how many solenoids you have and are all working...................................


The 92 should be a V GLIDE that 5 solenoid stuff went out in mid 88. I would pop the cover off the v glide and make sure it is sweeping to the highest position. Gps it for speed 12 to 15 mph is stock. Those 36 volt resistor carts don,t like hills much, thats why i switched mine to 48 volts.


Simple way to check v-glide. Take the rod loose of it, pop it off at the v-glid. Now take it all the way to wide open by hand. Then press the gas pedal down and see if it will hook back up to it. If so then you are wide open. If not then extend it some more and get it to.
Yes these 36 volt carts hate hills.